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Naturally Loose weight while you sleep.
Our body's primary period for healing is while we sleep. This is when the pituitary gland releases recombinant human growth hormone for use in repairing and building the body. And to fuel all of this construction and rebuilding, the body burns fat for energy.

Loose Weight While you Sleep

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60 capsules per bottle. Adults take 4 to 6 capsules 1/2 hour before going to sleep when wanting to lose weight.

Nite-Lite provides the nutrition your body needs for the safe release of human growth hormone while you sleep. The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula have been shown to naturally help accelerate the burning of excess and stored fat, promote cellular healing and tissue repair, build muscle tone, flush free radicals, toxins and wastes, and diminish water retention.

As we age, the Pituitary Gland releases less and less human growth hormone (hGH) which causes our metabolism to slow down and our weight to increase. With the correct nutritional support, the body can safely release hGH while we sleep, thus burning fat and helping to lose weight even while we sleep...

This is a Scientifically Advanced Metabolic Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement specifically designed to provide the body with the necessary nutritive materials which are known to be used in order to promote the natural release of recombinant Human Growth Hormone while you sleep.

It is known that most healing and new growth occurs in the evening while we sleep, and this occurs simply because that's when the largest amount of recombinant HGH is released, and that's when HGH begins to orchestrate the burning of fat for its energy source.

Interestingly enough, all the HGH we will ever need is stored within the Pituitary gland in the brain, but as we grow older, less and less is subsequently released. When less and less is released, our metabolism slows down and it's then much easier to put on weight.

When the correct nutritional factors can be supplied to the body, the pituitary can begin releasing this very precious hormone again into the system while we sleep, and then the notion of losing weight while we sleep can really start to make sense. Nite-Lite supplies the known nutritional factors thought to be important for supporting the body's release of HGH back into the system. And when that happens, the pounds begin to naturally disappear.

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