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Intestinal Flora Treatment Supplement.
When it comes to our digestive system, our body's culture of "good" bacterial combats the destructive action of "bad" bacteria. But the lack of nutrients in the American Diet, prolonged illness or the use of antibiotics often strip our gastrointestinal tract of these essential friendly bacterial cultures faster than they can be replenished.

Natural Intestinal Flora Supplement

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120 capsules per bottle. Take for 30 days or as directed by a physician.

ReFlora+ contains a special complex of 10 different and beneficial bacteria, plus phytomedicinals and other nutrients, to help the body restore healthy bacterial flora. The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula have been shown to naturally:

- Help destroy putrefactive bacteria (the "bad" bacteria) within the lower tract
- Help remove toxins from the lower tract and disable possibly carcinogenic bacteria
- Help normalize intestinal pH
- Help repair damage to the digestive tract

Despite diet strategies that seek to replenish friendly bacterial cultures to our lower tract, the aging process often depletes our reserves or inhibits their growth more quickly than we can restore them. Moreover, prolonged illness, antibiotics, synthetic laxatives and other medications can actually destroy these bacterial cultures within us, compromising our Digestive and Immune Systems...

ReFlora+ is a Scientifically Advanced Gastrointestinal Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement containing active bacteria cultures naturally found in healthy digestive tracts which function to help the body remove toxins, moderate and reduce unwanted yeast cultures, and manufacture helpful enzymes. With more bacteria flora, and more kinds of healthy bacteria than any other supplement product (including yogurt), ReFlora+ acts to gently and effectively "re-flora-ize" and re-culture the gastrointestinal tract, while the micro-nutritionals within ReFlora+ help the body restore and heal the cellular lining of the tract itself.

Often times we need to perform some periodic maintenance of our lower tract by eating the kinds of foods that contain life-giving friendly bacteria cultures (eg. yogurt). Yet, despite diet strategies which seek such replenishment, the process of aging often depletes our reserves of these friendly bacteria or inhibits their healthy growth more quickly than we can restore them. Indeed, even appropriate nutrition and proper eating habits can't fully reinstate our health if the cultures of friendly bacteria in our lower tract have been disturbed or eradicated over time. Moreover, prolonged illness, doses of antibiotics and other medications can actually destroy these bacteria cultures within us. And when we diminish these supplies, our digestion, and later our health and Immune System, can become severely compromised. In these cases, we need to re-culture the bacterial flora in our system through specific supplementation to our diet. And Växa's ReFlora+ can immediately help our body reinstate this needed harmony again.

Without the correct populations of active bacterial flora, a number of dysfunctions may arise including: dyspepsia, epigastric distention, diminished secretions of digestive glands and mucosal lining, chronic gastric catarrh, flatulence, and generally retarded digestion, diarrhea, moderate heartburn, and GI/gastric related pressive headaches. Micro-nutritionals may be specifically supportive when experiencing constipation that is dependent upon inertia of the lower bowel or when it is the result of sedentary habits or of purgative medicines.

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