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Not only does Tonalin® have no harmful side effects, but it's actually good for your body. As a matter of fact, scientists worldwide are just begining to understand CLA's wide range of potential health benefits. Here are quick summaries of CLA's current four principal health benefit areas.

CLA and Cancer
In the early 1980s, a noted doctor working at the University of Wisconsin and his colleagues discovered that CLA interfered with the growth of cancer tumors.

Since then, a number of other studies have further shown CLA's cancer-fighting potential. Some of these studies have shown that CLA can suppress cancer development in animals, and in human cancer cell lines in vitro.

CLA also seems to play a role in protecting against breast cancer in humans. A study in 2002 showed CLA slowed breast cancer in women. The study also showed Conjugated Linoleic Acid stops other cancers as well.


CLA and Artherosclerosis
Over time, cholesterol and other substances can form plaque in your arteries, narrowing them, reducing your heart's blood supply. This is artherosclerosis, and it can kill you.

Laboratory studies suggest that CLA may help prevent artherosclerosis in animals. Other laboratory studies suggest that Tonalin® CLA may help reduce existing artherosclerosis in animals.

Overall, CLA has considerable potential for the prevention and treatment of artherosclerosis, and studies continue to reveal it's potential health benefits.


CLA and Diabetes
According to prominent experts, CLA may play a role in treating non insulin-dependent diabetes.

Studies show that CLA and a drug called troglitazone reversed the symptoms of diabetes in animals.

Experts conclude that CLA may represent an important agent for the treatment of Type II diabetes mellitus (DM).

Additional clinical studies are scheduled at many universities worldwide in order to further explore the possibilities of using CLA for diabetes treatment.

A study in January 2003 revealed CLA supplements lower blood sugar in diabetics and showed a direct connection between CLA and weight loss.


CLA and your immune system
CLA is the only known nutrient that enhances the immune system and protects against the harmful "cellular backlash" that occurs when the immune system is stimulated.

In addition, research suggests that CLA may ease the inflammation that occurs when the immune system is challenged.


With each new study Conjugated Linoleic Acid is proving to be a useful and effective supplement to help the body in many ways. CLA benefits include weight loss, lower blood sugar, cancer fighting, and many more.

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